Global Initiatives

We support the development of local and international projects and initiatives around digital fabrication, education, and open source technologies. From sustainable wireless internet infrastructure to fabbing solar houses to tracking global environmental data to creating opportunities for self-expression, the Fab Lab network is building a growing list of projects that benefit community in many different ways.

COVID-19 Response: We champion the Resilience that Makers bring to their Communities Around the World.

The global pandemic has affected Fab Lab communities in every way imaginable, but through it all, there has been incredible support for one another and for local community need. Millions of PPE products have been made and distributed through the Fab Lab Network, thousands of designs have been modified and shared, and new partnerships have formed as we all try and help each other to stay healthy. While 2020 was a year of a year of uncertainty and extreme hardship, we are cautiously optimistic that 2021 will find most of the community in a better place.

Below you will find a few resources on the COVID-19 response from the Fab Lab Network as well as the larger Maker community. An updated Fab Lab Manufacturing COVID-19 Survey Response Summary is coming soon!

FABx Events

Each year we offer members of the more than 1,750 worldwide Fab Labs a space to gather, to share, to collaborate, to explore and, of course, to fabricate. Join us this year in Montréal, Canada!

Fab Research

The Fab Lab project is the educational outreach program for MIT’s Center for Bits & Atoms. As such the network is closely linked to MIT’s research into the merging of physical science and computer science and the development of digital materials. The international Fab Lab network also contributes to new research and applications in digital fabrication.

Fab City Global Initiative

Fab City is a global initiative to develop locally productive and globally connected self-sufficient cities. It comprises an international think tank of civic leaders, makers, urbanists and innovators working on changing the paradigm of the current industrial economy where the city operates on a linear model of importing products and producing waste.

The Resilience Collective

The Resilience Collective is a group of several humanitarian, development and research organizations working together on a collective journey to design, test, document and scale the use of digital technology for the most vulnerable populations. They develop RIFs (Resilience Innovation Facilities) in different contexts, focussing on education, protection and development of businesses and entrepreneurship. There are sites in Burkina Faso, Hungary, Djibouti, Morocco, and many more countries. Currently active members include Terre des hommes, Geneva University, Kenya Red Cross, Digital Gravity and others.

Future Workforce Now

Future Workforce Now: Reimagining Workforce Policy in the Age of Disruption was launched in 2018 to help states advance policy to prepare for the workforce needs of the future. Through a series of topical roundtables, Future Workforce Now brought leading economic, education, industry and workforce experts together with state policy leaders to share knowledge and expertise on the technological disruptions affecting current and future workers and workplaces. These leaders identified the major disruptions and global forces shaping the future of work and are pleased to present this publication as a transformative agenda for preparing the future workforce now.

Fab Economy

Fab Economy is the start of a community business platform. Fab Economy is about creating a new economy for everybody, where local fulfillment and customization take the place of mass production and global distribution. Fab Labs, along with companies and organizations can all work together toward reaching this goal. This is an exchange space where companies, fab labs and individuals can potentially find resources, funding, collaborations and expertise.

Fab House

Fab House is bridging the opportunity divide through digital fabrication and human capital. This neighborhood stabilization and community development project will bring digital fabrication to Cleveland, Ohio's Glenville neighborhood. With a residency program, Fab House will host Fab Gurus and makers from all around the world and provide community residents with direct access to digital fabrication technology and human expertise in the heart of the neighborhood.

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