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Instructional Designer, The Fab Foundation, Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Reporting directly to the Director of the Fab Foundation, responsible for managing the installation of new Fab Labs, designing Fab Lab spaces, designing and managing educational courses that teach digital fabrication skills, advanced manufacturing skills and cross-disciplinary integration skills in design, engineering, programming and technology innovation. Responsible for course and curriculum designs, including the development of instructional materials and products and assisting in the technology-based redesign of courses. Work closely with faculty, staff and students in high schools, middle schools, community colleges, universities in the U.S. and abroad, and military bases nationwide to support the development and operation of outreach programs in digital fabrication. Interface with potential clients to provide estimates, agreements and financial documentation on procurement and delivery of digital fabrication equipment and coordinate with procurement expert and shipper.

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Please also visit our community resource which is under development:

The community is pulling together a Webspace to share projects, provide an archive for the network and collaborate. This is connected to a new grant award in Belgium to provide a linked, searchable catalogue to published projects in the fab lab network.

For listing on Fab Share please contact: Hiro Tanaka, [email protected]

For becoming part of the “machines talking to machines” concept that interlinks repositories please contact: Peter Troxler, [email protected]


Please also visit our community resource which is under development:

This is the start of a community business platform, Fab Economy is about creating a new economy for everybody, where local fulfillment and customization take the place of mass production and global distribution. Fab Labs, along companies and organizations can all work together towards reaching this goal. This is an exchange space where companies, fab labs and individuals can potentially resources, funding, collaborations and expertise.

Please contact: Jean-Michel Molenaar, [email protected]