Newsletters – Fab Foundation http://localhost/fabfoundation Fab Labs and personal fabrication around the world Fri, 28 Oct 2016 15:33:04 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Fab News Nov 2015 http://localhost/fabfoundation/index.php/2015/11/01/fab-news-nov-2015/ Sun, 01 Nov 2015 19:47:04 +0000 http://localhost/fabfoundation/?p=149 Wow! We are still recovering from the excitement, frenzy of work, long hours, and fun that was FAB11. This year’s annual meeting of the global Fab Lab Network was exactly what we hoped it would be– a FABulous opportunity to reconnect with old friends, meet new colleagues, learn from each other, hear about new projects and ventures, and explore future directions, a 24-7 feast of all things Digital Fabrication. About 1000 attendees from 78 countries came together at MIT, where it all started, and we’re already looking ahead to FAB12 in China.

Thanks to our great IT and A/V teams there is a wonderful historical archive of the meeting. Please check out the photos and videos on the FAB11 website. Photo credit for much of the FAB11 photography goes to Stanley Rowin who seemed to be everywhere all the time with his camera!

There are so many people to thank, but not enough time and space here to do them justice. Suffice it to say that without the tireless help of so many of you, FAB11 would not have happened! From the many high school students, to the Fab Academy gurus, to the fabbers hosting workshops, to the crazed and incredible Fab Labs that brought their Mobile Fab Labs across the USA to get to FAB11, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You made FAB11 a terrific experience for all. I’d also like to send special thanks to our FABulous Sponsors who went above and beyond, not only by supporting the week of events but also by organizing and participanting in the workshops and activities of the week. And very special thanks to Pamela King and Jean-Luc Pierite from the Fab Foundation for making FAB11 a memorable celebration for one and all.

Everyone agrees that it is the community of incredible people that makes the Fab Lab Network so special. Now that FAB11 is a happy but receding memory, we’ll turn our heads toward wrapping up 2015 with new initiatives that broaden and deepen our very special community.

With a heartfelt thank you to everyone,


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Fab News May 2015 http://localhost/fabfoundation/index.php/2015/05/01/fab-news-may-2015/ Fri, 01 May 2015 19:55:04 +0000 http://localhost/fabfoundation/?p=161 The first quarter of the year has been filled with preparations for FAB11 in Boston, August 3 – 9, 2015. Below are some of the highlights. For those planning to come to Boston, if you have not yet received your registration code, please email info <<at>> FAB11 <<dot>> org.

Some of the events during the 7 day conference are public, such as the How To Make (almost) Anything Symposium and the weekend Fab Festival. Specifically for Fab Lab affiliates there will be 4 days of talks, workshops and networking at MIT– and space is TIGHT! So please REGISTER right away to be sure you can participate.M

From networking and workshops at MIT to the traditional New England clam bake at the Kennedy Library to the Symposium at Symphony Hall to the metro-area distributed Fab Festival, FAB11 is shaping up to be a FABulous gathering of our community.

We’ll keep you posted on FAB11 news, but check the FAB11 website often for updates!

Fab News 5-26


Fab News January 2015 http://localhost/fabfoundation/index.php/2015/01/13/fab-news-january-2015/ Tue, 13 Jan 2015 19:57:28 +0000 http://localhost/fabfoundation/?p=164 It’s been a FABulous year for the worldwide Fab Lab Network and the Fab Foundation!  So much has happened thanks to the tireless efforts of this diverse group of committed and creative Fabbers.

From the new STEM collaboration with Chevron and Fab Lab design software contribution from SOLIDWORKS to the White House Maker Faire and the opening of new labs around the world, the growth of the Network is mind-boggling and shows no sign of slowing down!  This first newsletter of 2015 highlights a few cool projects from recent months, along with a heads-up for big initiatives coming in 2015.

Happy New Year! And to every single one of you in the Fab Lab world, thank you for making 2014 truly spectacular!

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Fab News September 2014 http://localhost/fabfoundation/index.php/2014/09/01/fab-news-september-2014/ Mon, 01 Sep 2014 20:06:58 +0000 http://localhost/fabfoundation/?p=172 It’s been an incredibly active summer in the fab lab community and the fall promises to be just as exciting.  Much to report on events and ways to engage, learn and collaborate.

In the meantime, please read on here!


FAB10 Barcelona Newsletter http://localhost/fabfoundation/index.php/2014/08/13/fab10-barcelona-newsletter/ Wed, 13 Aug 2014 20:10:58 +0000 http://localhost/fabfoundation/?p=179 After gathering all the data & facts… we wanted to thank you for being a part of this amazing event! Amazing because it gathered 700+ FAB10 attendees from 50+ countries!

We had over 4000 visitors throughout the week! A Record 70 Fab Academy graduates (50% attended Fab10), 130+ global fab awards project submissions, 140+ paper submissions and 7392 tweets from 1779 contributors with 41 million impressions, it was a blast!

Over the weekend the Fab Festival opened its doors to all the citizens of the world with 10+ panel talks, 50+ short talks, 60+ workshops, 100+ demos! Monday’s symposium marked the beginning of Barcelona’s Fab City Pledge to become the first self-sufficient city on the planet.

Together we made a house & a car!
The  Endesa World Fab Condenser & the OS Vehicle in collaboration with Hewlett Packard were made with the collaborative work of many committed individuals, institutions & companies!
Endesa World Fab Condenser & OS Vehicle with HP
Gathered the Fab Textiles International Community!
The Fab Textiles exhibition brought together the the International Digital Fabrication Textile community in Barcelona for a week!

We celebrated the Global Fab Awards!
A partnership between the World Bank, USAID, Fab Foundation, AutoDesk & Intel! The awards in numbers: 414 votes from 30 countries, 7,178 pageviews of, 130+ project submissions and 8,64277 GB of source files.

The Grand Prize Winners:
1st Price: W. Afate 3D Printer
2nd Price: AgIC – Silver-based circuit printing
3rd Price: 3D Printed Prosthesis

The Sensors for Global Development price went to MoMo (mobile monitor) & The People’s Choice Award to FABPONICS! The Autodesk Award went to Low Cost Prosthesis.

Thanks to the Global Fab Awards Jury:
Eva Clemente, Arturo Muente-Kunigami, Vicente Guallart, Tomas Diez, Massimo Banzi, Luciano Betoldi, Nadeem Mazen, Alastair Parvin, Mariona Ciller, Sherry Lassiter, Kamau Kachigi, Kate Gage, Eric King, Lucas Cappelli, Anna Waldman-Brown, Jesse Harrington Au & Nadya Peek!

Made Barcelona’s pledged to become a self-sufficient city!
During the FAB10 Symposium, the Barcelona City Mayor pushed the button to set the countdown to 40 yrs until Barcelona becomes a self-sufficient city & just opened the second public Fab Lab (Ateneu de Fabricació).

Highlights in Photographs:
You can enjoy & share them at our Facebook page Fab10Barcelona!

Fab City Symposium videos:
You can enjoy & share all the videos from the Symposium!

Fab10 Media Coverage:
The media coverage impact was huge! We will have them all on the website very soon & will announce it via twitter at fab10barcelona! Here are a few selected highlights:


OSVehicle (English)
Forum For the Future (English)
Domus (English)

LeiPhone (Chinese)
Ultra-Lab (Spanish)

Goteo (Spanish)
Makery (French)

Thanks so much for an awesome FAB10! Really looking forward to see you next year in Boston!
And muchísimas gracias to our amazing sponsors!


Copyright © 2014 FAB10, All rights reserved.

FAB News! http://localhost/fabfoundation/index.php/2014/03/28/fab-news/ Fri, 28 Mar 2014 20:16:28 +0000 http://localhost/fabfoundation/?p=188 Hello World!  2014 is turning out to be an exciting and challenging year for the fab lab community, no doubt about it!  Read on…



  • First, please let us all acknowledge once again the fantastic team that organized and ran the FAB9 meeting in Yokohama, Japan last August.  Hiro Tanaka and his dream team created a beautiful, content-rich, cultural and professional experience that we will always remember. With deep appreciation and heartfelt congratulations, we thank you FAB9 Team for your FABulous work. 

The FAB9 conference presentations are online at: This year, for the first time we provided a forum for presenting research papers and posters. Proceedings are online at papers will be added in due course).


  • FAB10  planning is well under way for Barcelona.  The theme is The Fab City, reflecting on global interest in and commitment to building self-sufficient cities, to reducing our mass footprints using bits to lessen our dependence on atoms. Our hosts and masterminds for the conference are IAAC and the Barcelona fab labs. Please mark the dates July 2-8, 2014  in your calendars now!  Registration is open, with early bird discounts available until April 1, 2014. Registration, information and conference updates can be found at: You will note that our hosts for FAB10  have implemented a new platform for publicly listing your fab lab that also integrates with the registration site. This platform is a glimpse of great connections to come, compliments of the Barcelona team. (More on the platform below) 


For the FAB10 contest this year, we’re challenging the community in an entirely different way. Our goal is to build a complete self-sufficient structure in central Barcelona in a one week time frame as demonstration of distributed collaboration, design, and manufacturing.  The challenge includes the design and fabrication of both the external structure as well as the internal elements and functionality of the structure and should take into consideration locally addressing issues such as re-cycling, food production, energy production and consumption, network connectivity, etc.  We are asking each fab lab in the community to contribute something toward the construction of this structure. The goal is to collaborate, design, fabricate and test prototypes in local labs bringing only data to FAB10. Once at FAB10 we have one week to physically fabricate the structure, furnishings, connections and associated products. Beyond the architectural innovations, this is clear demonstration of the power of distributed and collaborative manufacturing, and has implications for how we make and consume things in cities beyond food and energy, such as: bikes, clothes, musical instruments, machines, cameras, mini computers, and more.   Dany Ibanez and a team of architects will be coordinating the project — we’ll hear more from them in the weeks to come. 


Continuing the development of a Research Papers and Posters track for Fab10, we’ll shortly be putting out acall for papers based on the conference theme:  Productive Cities. We’re looking for perspectives on how fab labs contribute to developing Fab Cities. What does it mean for a city to recover productivity without compromising other aspects of city life? As example, entries can broadly include:  manufacturing ecosystems, materials, urban mining, hardware acceleration processes, co-working, crowd-funding, open source hardware and software, or public policy to name a few.  We’re also looking for reviewers, so please contact us if you are interested in participating in the review committee:  




  • We have launched! The online platform designed by Tomas Diez and John Rees, demonstrated at FAB9, that enables existing, new and planned fab labs to be easily found within the global community. Currently Labs are searchable in a list and on an interactive world map. We plan to grow this into an information and knowledge exchange for projects, spaces, machines, people and events. You can find fab labs listed on in two ways- either via the Fab Foundation website:, or by going directly to It’s easy, it’s free and we know it will provide a new level of connectivity between us all. So please visit the site and claim or add your lab as soon as you can!




  • In 2013 Fab Academy graduated 38 students in Japan. Congratulations to one and all!  Please see:  Fab Academy Graduation


  • Fab Academy 2014  began at 9AM EDT on January 29 and will end June 4, 2014. There are currently 150 students registered for the class from 17 countries and 40 fab labs.  For more information please contact: coordination [at] fabacademy [dot] org. 




  • Russia’s MISiS Fab lab,  in collaboration with CBA and the Fab Foundation,  hosted the FabLab 1.5conference in Moscow in October.  The conference gathered machine-building researchers and practitioners from across Russia and the fab lab network.  Presenters included Joris van Tubergen, Bart Bakker, Neil Gershenfeld, Nadya Peek, Sherry Lassiter along with a team of machine designers and makers from MIT. Bart Bakker’s  presentation on 10k lab equipment is online at 
  • The FabLab 1.5 conference was held in parallel with the new Russian youth innovation CMIT fab lab network meetings in Moscow and Penza:  Tomas Diez, Neil Gershenfeld and Sherry Lassiter presented to the new network. 
  • Also in October, the FabLearn 2013 Conference on digital fabrication in education was held at Stanford University.  200 people from ten countries attended the two day workshops, talks and events sponsored by the NSF Cyberlearning Program. The website with the links to the videos, proceedings, and program, is
  • SME, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers Downeast Chapter, and the University of Southern Mainehosted the Digital Fabrication & 3D Technologies Conference November 1 in Portland, Maine.  Sherry Lassiter was a keynote speaker for the event:  
  • Jan Morrison, Sherry Lassiter, and Neil Gershenfeld explored the connections between fabrication and education:
  • The Fab Foundation and CBA sent a team to demonstrate fab labs, the Machines That Make project and other related research developments at the World Economic Form in Davos, Switzerland January 22-25, 2014.  Nadya Peek, Abu Adam, and Neil Gershenfeld represented the fab lab network.
  • Neil  Gershenfeld will be speaking at Fabricate 2014 Februrary 14-15, 2014 in Zurich,
  • The US Fab lab Network Annual meeting will be held in Baltimore, MD this year April 7, 8 and 9th, hosted by the Community College of Baltimore County’s fab lab. For more information, please visit the website: or contact Judy Loar at: jloar [at] ccbcmd [dot] edu
  • The FabEd Project will hold a development and planning workshop just prior to the USFLN meeting in Baltimore the weekend of April 6-7. Registration and agenda will be published on the FabEd Facebook page in the coming weeks:  (If you’re not yet in the FaceBook Group, just ask!) For more information please contact:  Amanda Johnson Bibbo:   amandabibbo [at] tiesteach [dot] org OR Barb Skarzynski at barbskarzynski [at] tiesteach [dot] org.
  • Trademarks: IAAC has filed and registered an EU Community Trademark for the fab lab color logo and the text Fab lab. This is to protect the network from the appropriation of the Fab lab name and identity by entities that are not in sync with the global network spirit and charter.  This action was discussed at FAB9 and other conferences over the last year.  The trademark is in essence owned by the network, with IAAC as intermediary. This allows us to protect the brand, but our real work is moving in an opposite, more open direction, as demonstrated with the platform.  



Fab lab Ma’adi (Cairo, Egypt)

Fab lab 6th October (Cairo, Egypt)

Fab lab Dhahran (Dhahran,Saudi Arabia)

Russian CMIT Fab labs (Moscow and across Russia)

Fab lab Richmond (CA, USA)

Fab labs AYB (Yerevan, Armenia)


And if we’ve not mentioned you here, please sign up your fab lab at the new platform! WELCOME one and all!




  • Fab Startup Guru: (US based- Cambridge, MA)

The Fab Foundation is seeking a half-time person to run procurement and shipping, and facilitating deployment operations for domestic and international fab lab startups.  Though we’re posting this as a part-time position, this may quickly grow into a full-time position. Please contact Lass and the Fab Foundation for more information: info [at] FabFoundation [dot] org.


  • Fab Imbedded Guru: (Africa based)

The Fab Foundation is seeking a fab guru for 3 months this spring/summer to help start a fab lab and mentor it to operational sustainability in Africa.   This is a full time job for 3-4 months.  Please contact Lass and the Fab Foundation for more information: info [at] FabFoundation [dot] org.

  • Fab Lab Installation and Training Guru: 

The Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM (TIES) is seeking applications for Fab Lab Installation and Training Gurus for K-12 schools. Gurus will be hired to consult on a per project basis. Ability to travel is required. For more information please contact:  Caroline McEnnis, carolinemcennis [at] tiesteach [dot] org. 

Fab 9 Newsletter http://localhost/fabfoundation/index.php/2013/08/15/fab-9-newsletter/ Thu, 15 Aug 2013 20:19:07 +0000 http://localhost/fabfoundation/?p=191 KONNICHIWA FABBERS!

Only 3.3 weeks until our annual gathering, FAB9 in Japan!  As reminder, the meeting will take place August 21-27 in Yokohama.  We’re expecting about 200 of you to attend this year’s conference, a world record for the network.
Hiro Tanaka and his dream organizing team have outfitted a super fab lab for the events and crafted an incredible week of learning and making. If you have not already registered please visit the FAB9 official website to do so and get info on all things FAB9: 

Of course this also means you only have 3 weeks to learn Japanese!  Fortunately Fujitsu, one of our FAB9 sponsors,  has created an eBook guide to learning Japanese. Check it out – and study hard!

For those of you unable to participate in person, we’d still like for you to participate remotely by presenting your fab lab in the morning review sessions with an Ignite format presentation.

More information on the presentations and FAB9 below.

In the Network

Talks, Presentations, Events

Egypt Fab Lab, Nairobi Fab Lab, FabLab@School-Stanford and Fab Lab DC  participated, presented  and ran workshops at the international Interactive Technologies that Enhance Children’s Creativity workshop in New York in June:

Fablab Amersfoort held its second, successful FabFuse meeting on the topic of knowledge sharing in July:

The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, the Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM (TIES)  and The Fab Foundation hosted a group a FabEd workshop in July bringing  together digital fabrication educators to develop a framework for teacher professional development that will aid educators in bringing digital fabrication into formal education.  Please visit our FabEdFacebook and Twitter pages to get in on the conversation!  

On July 26 the Fab Lab Lima team hosted the first Fab LaT Fest, a gathering of Latin American digi-fab practitioners for knowledge exchange and celebration of digital fabrication.

August 8-9th, Fab Lab Cali-UAO is organizing the Seminar The FabLabs, a window to the future of innovation in design and manufacturing with national and international experts participating,  Peter Troxler will be a featured guest.

Sherry Lassiter and Peter Troxler will represent the fab lab network in Lima,  Peru on August 14 for the opening of a fab lab at the new Tecsup I+De , Tecsup’s Center of Innovation, Development and Entrepreneurship in Technology.

August 28, 29 following FAB9 Dan Sawada of MIT, is organizing
“Fab Camp for Kids” in the same venue. Visit as the agenda evolves.

FabLabCon 2013: Aachen Fabbers are convening a European Fab Lab Conference Sept. 9 in conjunction with Makerfaire Kerkrade.  Please visit:

October 27-28 Stanford will host the third annual FabLearn conference. FabLearn is a venue for educators, policy-makers, students, designers, researchers, and makers to present, discuss, and learn about digital fabrication in education, the “makers” movement, and hands-on learning. Please see: 

In the Press

Dhananjay Gadre pilots an educational outreach project in Delhi:

Fab Lab Tulsa inspires young engineers:

Neil Gershenfeld discusses the third digital revolution with Robin Young on NPR:

CNNs Fareed Zakaria interviews Neil Gershenfeld on the future of digital fabrication:

What’s new and different?

There is a new study by Brent Stephens of the  Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL, USA, and colleagues ( which finds that 3D printers extruding PLA and ABS produce some potentially nasty ultra-fine particles; so for health and safety reasons we might want to recommend proper ventilation and/or using respiratory masks (class FFP2) at least for prolonged exposure.

Congratulation to our new fab labs and fab lab efforts across the world!


Fab Lab Adelaide  


DèmosLab in Saguenay, Quebec


etoLab, Amiens


We Do Fablab, Fontaneto D’Agogna 


Fab Lab Paramaribo


FabLab Instanbul


Dubai FabLab


Fab Lab Airedale

(This is a partial list of the newer labs and efforts which will grow in the coming weeks as we catch up with all of you. Some say there are more than 400 fab labs in the world now! We’re estimating 200.)


Tick tick tick… the time is at hand! FAB9 is rapidly approaching.  To that end, please review the items below to help guide you through your homework the meeting and your assignments.

Agendas and events:

Hiro directs us to FAB9 special content:

The evolving agenda can be found here:

and will be updated this week so check it regularly.

Fab9 Research

The deadline for FAB9 Research Contributions has been extended to Saturday, August 3, 2013. Please see

Fab9 Research Presentations 
Call for Contributions

The conference Research Session will be held on Saturday, August 24 , 14:00-18:00.

Travel Advice:

The FAB9 team has provided a handy map to help you get from the airport to your hotel in Yokohama:

Japan power is 100 V, 50/60Hz with type A & B plugs, identical to the US plug configuration.

98 Japanese Yen = 1 US dollar = .65 BGP = .75 Euro, etc.

FAB T-shirts:  

August is a very hot month in Japan. Fab9 will be a hot affair. While there is air conditioning, it will still be hot and humid. Moreover, you will move from one conference venue to another by foot. So we strongly recommend that you bring cool T-Shirts from your country to wear in ours….

FAB9 Assignments:

Fab Lab Presentations:

The mornings will start with an academic or topical presentation by someone in the digital fabrication field followed by fab lab presentations.   We want everyone to participate in the morning lab presentations, whether you are participating in person or remotely.  The schedule for lab presentations is as follows:

Wed, August 21 (North and South America)

Thurs, Aug 22 (Europe and Africa)

Fri, Aug 23 (Asia and Pacific)

Sat, Aug 24 (The Rest of the World!)

We’re requiring that all presentations for fab labs be in Ignite format (  For FAB9 the format is 12 slides that auto-forward every 15 seconds for a total presentation time of exactly 3 minutes.  So remember you have only 15 seconds to present each slide, and then your time is up.  The presentations can be about a special project you’ve done this year, something great happening at your fab lab, your mission, or even just about a day in the life of your fab lab.   They can be funny, serious, informative, whatever you like.  But they will be done in 3 minutes.   The slides keep going, even if the presenter talks too long. So you’d better practice! If you are not going to be present, you can send us the presentation and participate by videoconference.   We will be using the MCU to broadcast sessions during the week. Send Lass your presentation by end of day Tuesday, August 20.

Fab Camp: 

Over the weekend of  August 24 & 25 there will be open-ended, self-curated workshops at FAB8. We’ve got a few sessions planned, but really this is your time to invest in what interests you.  The FAB9 super fab lab will be open for your fabbing pleasure. This is an opportunity to make things, to make progress on a collaborative project, to learn about something new, or to meet with a group that has been hard to nail down. 

The conference Research Session will be held on Saturday, August 24 , 14:00-18:00.

There will be a special workshop on Fab Education, covering formal and informal education initiatives, on Sunday, August 25, 14:00-18:00.

Fab Lab Exhibition:

On Monday morning, August 26 from 9:30AM – Noon we will hold a Fab Expo in advance of the afternoon network presentations and Fab Academy graduation.   This will be an exhibition of work from the different fab labs around the world open to the Japanese public, and we expect this to be well-attended.  Please bring with you items and innovations from your lab that you want to show and demonstrate to the public. Please also send us ( ) in advance of the meeting your needs for exhibiting; that is, let us know if  you need a power cord, Internet connection, extra space, etc

FAB9 World Cup Contest:

The Fab Lab World Cup challenge this year is “The Open (Re)Source Jazz Orchestra”, a contest to build open source musical instruments with recycled materials using digital fabrication. “Open (Re)Source” is coined from “Open Source” and “Open Resource” (meaning wasted materials). Yokohama is famous for its annual Jazz Festival, which is part of the inspiration for the competition. The rest of our inspiration comes from the “Landfill Harmonic project” in Paraguay.
(Please watch:

Your challenge is to create a musical instrument by recycling waste materials, and then to perform a piece of music using your instrument. On the last day of the conference (27th), you will perform in a live concert (don’t worry, no solos required!). Proceeds from this public performance would be donated to the “Landfill Harmonic project”.

You do not need to be at the conference in person to compete!

Can’t wait to see you all in YOKOHAMA! REGISTER NOW!!!!

This is an occasional newsletter from Lass at Fab Lab Central.  Please email me if you have announcements to make to the community, or if you want to be added or removed from this list (