Fab News Nov 2015

Wow! We are still recovering from the excitement, frenzy of work, long hours, and fun that was FAB11. This year’s annual meeting of the global Fab Lab Network was exactly what we hoped it would be– a FABulous opportunity to reconnect with old friends, meet new colleagues, learn from each other, hear about new projects and ventures, and explore future directions, a 24-7 feast of all things Digital Fabrication. About 1000 attendees from 78 countries came together at MIT, where it all started, and we’re already looking ahead to FAB12 in China.

Thanks to our great IT and A/V teams there is a wonderful historical archive of the meeting. Please check out the photos and videos on the FAB11 website. Photo credit for much of the FAB11 photography goes to Stanley Rowin who seemed to be everywhere all the time with his camera!

There are so many people to thank, but not enough time and space here to do them justice. Suffice it to say that without the tireless help of so many of you, FAB11 would not have happened! From the many high school students, to the Fab Academy gurus, to the fabbers hosting workshops, to the crazed and incredible Fab Labs that brought their Mobile Fab Labs across the USA to get to FAB11, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You made FAB11 a terrific experience for all. I’d also like to send special thanks to our FABulous Sponsors who went above and beyond, not only by supporting the week of events but also by organizing and participanting in the workshops and activities of the week. And very special thanks to Pamela King and Jean-Luc Pierite from the Fab Foundation for […]

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Fab News May 2015

The first quarter of the year has been filled with preparations for FAB11 in Boston, August 3 – 9, 2015. Below are some of the highlights. For those planning to come to Boston, if you have not yet received your registration code, please email info <<at>> FAB11 <<dot>> org.

Some of the events during the 7 day conference are public, such as the How To Make (almost) Anything Symposium and the weekend Fab Festival. Specifically for Fab Lab affiliates there will be 4 days of talks, workshops and networking at MIT– and space is TIGHT! So please REGISTER right away to be sure you can participate.M

From networking and workshops at MIT to the traditional New England clam bake at the Kennedy Library to the Symposium at Symphony Hall to the metro-area distributed Fab Festival, FAB11 is shaping up to be a FABulous gathering of our community.

We’ll keep you posted on FAB11 news, but check the FAB11 website often for updates!

Fab News 5-26


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Fab News January 2015

It’s been a FABulous year for the worldwide Fab Lab Network and the Fab Foundation!  So much has happened thanks to the tireless efforts of this diverse group of committed and creative Fabbers.

From the new STEM collaboration with Chevron and Fab Lab design software contribution from SOLIDWORKS to the White House Maker Faire and the opening of new labs around the world, the growth of the Network is mind-boggling and shows no sign of slowing down!  This first newsletter of 2015 highlights a few cool projects from recent months, along with a heads-up for big initiatives coming in 2015.

Happy New Year! And to every single one of you in the Fab Lab world, thank you for making 2014 truly spectacular!

Please read on here.


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Fab News September 2014

It’s been an incredibly active summer in the fab lab community and the fall promises to be just as exciting.  Much to report on events and ways to engage, learn and collaborate.

In the meantime, please read on here!


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FAB10 Barcelona Newsletter

After gathering all the data & facts… we wanted to thank you for being a part of this amazing event! Amazing because it gathered 700+ FAB10 attendees from 50+ countries!

We had over 4000 visitors throughout the week! A Record 70 Fab Academy graduates (50% attended Fab10), 130+ global fab awards project submissions, 140+ paper submissions and 7392 tweets from 1779 contributors with 41 million impressions, it was a blast!

Over the weekend the Fab Festival opened its doors to all the citizens of the world with 10+ panel talks, 50+ short talks, 60+ workshops, 100+ demos! Monday’s symposium marked the beginning of Barcelona’s Fab City Pledge to become the first self-sufficient city on the planet.

Together we made a house & a car!
The  Endesa World Fab Condenser & the OS Vehicle in collaboration with Hewlett Packard were made with the collaborative work of many committed individuals, institutions & companies!
Endesa World Fab Condenser & OS Vehicle with HP
Gathered the Fab Textiles International Community!
The Fab Textiles exhibition brought together the the International Digital Fabrication Textile community in Barcelona for a week!

We celebrated the Global Fab Awards!
A partnership between the World Bank, USAID, Fab Foundation, AutoDesk & Intel! The awards in numbers: 414 votes from 30 countries, 7,178 pageviews of, 130+ project submissions and 8,64277 GB […]

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FAB News!

Hello World!  2014 is turning out to be an exciting and challenging year for the fab lab community, no doubt about it!  Read on…



  • First, please let us all acknowledge once again the fantastic team that organized and ran the FAB9 meeting in Yokohama, Japan last August.  Hiro Tanaka and his dream team created a beautiful, content-rich, cultural and professional experience that we will always remember. With deep appreciation and heartfelt congratulations, we thank you FAB9 Team for your FABulous work. 

The FAB9 conference presentations are online at: This year, for the first time we provided a forum for presenting research papers and posters. Proceedings are online at papers will be added in due course).


  • FAB10  planning is well under way for Barcelona.  The theme is The Fab City, reflecting on global interest in and commitment to building self-sufficient cities, to reducing our mass footprints using bits to lessen our dependence on atoms. Our hosts and masterminds for the conference are IAAC and the Barcelona fab labs. Please mark the dates July 2-8, 2014  in your calendars now!  Registration is open, with early bird discounts available until April 1, 2014. Registration, information and conference updates can be found at: You will note that our hosts for FAB10  have implemented a new platform for publicly listing your fab lab that also integrates with the registration site. This platform is a glimpse of great connections to come, compliments of the Barcelona team. (More on the platform below) 


For the FAB10 contest this year, we’re challenging the community in an entirely different way. Our goal is to build a complete self-sufficient structure in central Barcelona in a one week time frame as demonstration of distributed collaboration, […]

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Fab 9 Newsletter


Only 3.3 weeks until our annual gathering, FAB9 in Japan!  As reminder, the meeting will take place August 21-27 in Yokohama.  We’re expecting about 200 of you to attend this year’s conference, a world record for the network.
Hiro Tanaka and his dream organizing team have outfitted a super fab lab for the events and crafted an incredible week of learning and making. If you have not already registered please visit the FAB9 official website to do so and get info on all things FAB9: 

Of course this also means you only have 3 weeks to learn Japanese!  Fortunately Fujitsu, one of our FAB9 sponsors,  has created an eBook guide to learning Japanese. Check it out – and study hard!

For those of you unable to participate in person, we’d still like for you to participate remotely by presenting your fab lab in the morning review sessions with an Ignite format presentation.


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