Fab labs provide widespread access to modern means for invention. They began as an outreach project from MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA), and became into a collaborative and global network.Learn More

The Fab Academy provides instruction and supervises investigation of the mechanisms, applications, and implications of digital fabrication. Fab Academy is where many new fab lab managers, gurus and teachers get their training in digital fabrication.Learn More

The Fab Lab project is the educational outreach program for MIT’s Center for Bits & Atoms (link). As such the network is closely linked to MIT’s research into the merging of physical science and computer science and the development of digital materials. The international Fab Lab network also contributes to new research and applications in digital fabrication…Learn More

Education, whether in formal or informal environments, is one of the most promising applications of Fab Labs. As educators worldwide pull for our educational innovations, the Fab Foundation is supporting and facilitating digital fabrication education for learners of all ages…Learn More

Fab Projects

From sustainable wireless internet infrastructure to fabbing solar houses to tracking global environmental data to creating opportunities for self-expression, the Fab Lab network is building a growing list of projects that benefit community in many different ways.

Each year the international Fab Lab community gathers somewhere in the world. This year FAB12 will be hosted by the city of Shenzhen, China which has a long history of making and manufacturing.   
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Funds are put to good use around the world in education and innovation environments. For more information on how to support the many educational and economic outreach projects in the network or to support the establishment of new fab labs, or infrastructure please contact us. Thank you for your interest and your support!

Fab Lab Network

The Fab Lab Network is an open, creative community of fabricators, artists, scientists, engineers, educators, students, amateurs, professionals, ages 5 to 75+, located in more than 75 countries in approximately 1000 Fab Labs. The platform is a curated, interactive directory of these locations.

Fab Foundation News

Adam Savage, Former Co-Host of “MythBusters” to Visit Pittsburgh Area to Promote Innovation and Making with Support from Chevron and the Fab Foundation

The Fab Foundation is pleased to announce that Adam Savage, editor-in-chief of Tested.com and former co-host of the Emmy-nominated show “MythBusters,” will be making a stop in Pittsburgh on a national tour designed to visit and document innovation in education, entrepreneurship, and workforce development. Sponsorship is provided by Chevron, as part of the energy company’s continuing commitment to STEM education. Started in response to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy “Maker Initiative,” Mr. Savage aims to engage and excite the communities he visits and then document the tour on video for the entire country to share in the experience via multiple media channels, including Tested.com.


Pittsburgh has been selected as the next community in this national tour due to its growing footprint of Fab Labs and makerspaces, and its unique community-wide collaborations for learning, such as Remake Learning. Mr. Savage will visit a number of spaces including the Elizabeth Forward School District, the Intermediate Unit 1 Fab Lab, the Carnegie Science Center Fab Lab, Carnegie Mellon’s [email protected], University of Pittsburgh’s Human Engineering Research Laboratories, 7800 Susquehanna, and the Children’s Museum Pittsburgh’s early childhood makerspace. “Sharing the important STEM education work originating in Fab Labs and makerspaces is key to our mission,” explains Sherry Lassiter, President of the Fab Foundation, the umbrella organization for a network of over 1,000 Fab Labs around the world.


An avid inventor and cross-disciplinary visionary, Mr. Savage aims to inspire support for the next generation of inventors, engineers and entrepreneurs through a two-day visit on Oct. 5 and 6 with philanthropists, students from K-12 through graduate school, educators, and makers of all ages. Mr. Savage shares the Fab Lab view that makerspaces are a safe place to fail, and recognizes that: “What ‘making’ as a discipline engenders is the importance of iterative mistake-making and how failure and ‘wrong turns’ aren’t the outliers, they’re the standard. Failure is intrinsic to success. If we don’t let people fail safely, and help them understand how much there is to learn from their mistakes, then we are training a generations of perfectionists, obsessed with test scores instead of learning.”

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Inaugural Chevron STEM Education Award Winners Announced at Fab12

The Fab Foundation, with support from Chevron, is pleased to announce the winners of the inaugural Chevron STEM Education Awards, celebrating great educators in Fab Labs around the world.

First place was awarded to Fab Lab El Paso, El Paso, Texas, USA, followed by Fab Lab CEPT Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, FabLat Kids, Latin America and the Carnegie Science Center Fab Lab, Pittsburgh, PA, USA rounded out the winners. The Criteria for the award included exceptional programming that demonstrated innovative methods in teaching STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics] subjects utilizing the tools of digital fabrication such as CAD design, 3D Printing and microelectronics.

“We’re thrilled to honor educators and Fab Labs that are working at the forefront of STEM through youth outreach and K-12 programming,” says Sherry Lassiter, President of the Fab Foundation. “We greatly value Chevron’s partnership and leadership in these efforts.”

The Chevron STEM Education Award included cash prizes and recognition at Fab12, the annual meeting of the international Fab Lab Network held this year in Shenzhen, China. There are now over 1,000 Fab Labs around the world making the tools of digital fabrication accessible to everyone. While each Fab Lab has its own focus, there is a wide range of STEM education programing at the facilities in schools, colleges, universities, libraries, museums and innovation centers worldwide.

“Chevron is proud to support the Fab Foundation to recognize Fab educators who demonstrate their commitment to teaching STEM and foster innovation among students,” said Janet Auer, Advisor, Education and Corporate Programs at Chevron. “Chevron is committed to investing in STEM education to encourage students and community members to be the innovators and makers of the future.”

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